How to striptease for your man

Every woman wants to please her man and one of the easiest ways to please a man is to do a sexy striptease for him. Some sexy dancing as you shed your clothes is enough to turn men on. Here are the steps you need to take to successfully perform a strip tease for your man.   The first step in executing a killer strip tease is wearing the proper outfit. Delivering a proper strip tease is all about building up anticipation. You can do this by wearing an outfit that contains many layers. Your man will become increasingly excited for each layer of clothing you remove until you are in nothing but your birthday suit.
Once you have yourself ready, it’s time to get the room ready that you will be performing the striptease in. You will want soft lights on in the room because harsh lighting will take away from the feel of the striptease. It is always a nice touch to drape a silk scarf over any lamps in the room. This takes the harshness off the light and helps set the right atmosphere. Make sure that you are able to stand close to the chair your man will be sitting in for the duration of the striptease, but take care not to get too close as this will ruin the illusion and make it easier for your man to touch you. The idea is to turn him on when you are just far enough away from him that he can’t reach you until you want him to.


Choosing a song with the proper beat will help you successfully pull off a sexy striptease. You want a song that is upbeat, but not too fast-paced. This will help you complete the striptease.