Twerking Videos

Twerking is the popular dance move where a person shakes their hips in a sexually suggestive fashion. But you knew that! And you can see it in our twerking videos on this page

The dance move has been around for decades, but has since broken into mainstream recently thanks to the help of the Twerk Team, Miley Cyrus, and other notables. Miley Cyrus isn’t the only former Disney starlet to shake it; Ashley Tisdale has a few moves of her own.

Twerking has come a long way! It was barely two decades ago when women were depicted openly bashing another’s bootiliciousness in the Sir-Mix-A-Lot video. Now, even middle-schoolers require the presence of at least six chaperones to keep the dance from becoming a big twerkfest.


The unofficial spokeswoman of twerking is definitely Miley Cyrus. She became an overnight sensation – if that’s possible when you’re already famous – by doing the wop in a unicorn onesie. Speaking of the wop, Wayyyyy too many middle aged white women know how to do that dance. What gives? I just woke up one day and all of a sudden suggestive dancing was the in thing to do.

I blame President Obama.

But that unicorn onesie video (check it out if you haven’t seen it already, it’s worth it) is a piece of work. If Liam Hemsworth didn’t allegedly cheat on Miley Cyrus with January Jones I would suggest that Miley became a bit too hot to handle. The jury is still out on whether Miley is embracing the hip-hop culture ironically or not.

Several rappers – most notably Jay-Z on his newest album Magna Carta Holy Grail – have shouted Miley out for her hip shaking skills. She’s not only gained several hundreds of thousands of new fans, but other pop stars like Britney Spears have tweeted their respect to the twerking queen.

It’s widely contested that the romanticizing of a white girl that can dance helped twerking go viral. A quick look on YouTube will show lots of would-be Miley Cyrus’s, twerking and doing dance moves that would make their parents blush.

Even the Golden Sisters got in on the fun – When in your lifetime did you expect to see a video of 70 year-olds twerking? It wasn’t any ol’ twerking, one of them has some serious moves too!

Unlike past sensations like Gangnam Style or “She Bangs,” This fad is here to stay. Twerking is the de facto method of dancing in nightclubs. Sure, the mainstream will find something new, and I’m quite curious to see what it will be. But the next fad will definitely not be a suggestive dance move.

Is it anatomically possible to act more sexually suggestive than to gyrate your hips rhythmically? Isn’t that why belly dancing is pretty hot? Speaking of which, what happened to belly dancing anyways?

I have a hard time labeling twerking as a fad, because it has always been around. But thanks to a pop-star, a suspiciously-well-accepted-by-older-females hip-hop party song, and many other factors, suggestive dancing is here, and it’s here to stay!